What Happened To: Nicky Romero – Afterglow

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What Happened To: Nicky Romero – Afterglow

Nicky Romero is undoubtedly one of the best progressive acts, straight out of The Netherlands. The veteran established himself in the field in the early 2010s and continues to maintain the status quo today. With the launch of his new deep progressive alias, “Monocule”, and a collab with Vintage Culture on the radar, there’s no stopping for this guy. The ID worth discussing for today is named ‘Afterglow’.

Premiered during Avicii’s tribute concert in Dec 2019, the track doesn’t feel laidback or a festival banger since it can still uplift a dead crowd, so it’s in the middle ground of energy. The vocalist behind this track is still a mystery. However, rumor has it that it could be Alexander Tindebrink who worked with Nicky on the collab with Deniz Koyu last year. The melody was perfectly blended with the breakdown and the vocals until the buildup. As the drop reaches its height, the signature NR kicks lifts us up into serendipity. The drop can be simply termed as “Euphoric” and can brighten the mood of any progressive lovers.

As to the reasons why it is either delayed or canceled, he discussed on Protocol Radio 415 that it may have to do with the fact that this track, in fact, is a collab with an unmentioned artist. Since this unknown artist is now signed onto a different label and Nicky doesn’t want to release this track rather than on his own label, he decided to shelve it for good. Even if he plans to release it, the new version will never be the same, he added, which can cause a huge disappointment within the fans. 

It’s a shame that this track won’t be blessing our hearts in its official form. This record could be the next big thing for him, but it will never see daylight.

Written by Jainesh Sharma / Devanesh Raj / Delacour Agency

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