Uri Farre Unleashes Breathtaking & Uplifting New Single ‘Don’t Get Me Started’!

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Uri Farre Unleashes Breathtaking & Uplifting New Single ‘Don’t Get Me Started’!

Sometimes dance music fans can get a little annoyed when their favorite artists appear with new music too often that doesn’t quite hit the standard of what they are used to, leading to many arguing quality over quantity,. However, one artist taking that phrase and throwing it out the window is Uri Farre. The Spanish artist has hit the ground running in 2021, delivering 6 new tracks including the awesome ‘Born To Shine’ and ‘Hambara’. Now treatiung us to yet another awesome release, Uri Farre appears releases ‘Don’t Get Me Started’.

DJ, Producer, Remixer, and radio host from Barcelona, Spain, Uri Farre has more than 15 years of experience in the electronic dance music scene. This has lead him to work in the most prestigious clubs and festivals with more than 50.000 people. Not only does he have the experience, but his accolades also prove his talent, as Uri Farre has been nominated for best artist in “Vicious Music Awards” along with a residency on Europa FM since 2010. His musical productions show his versatility in playing all styles, such as big room, progressive house, tech house, r&b, Latin, and more. Producer under several names such as Oriol FarreRock Farrell, and Uri Farre, he has released on well-respected labels Blanco y Negro MusicStreetside RecordsBedroom Muzik, and many more.

‘Don’t Get Me Started’ has all the hallmarks of a truly epic progressive production. Catchy yet heart-gripping vocals catch your attention right from the start. Uri Farre does a great job letting the vocals take center stage for the start of the single, matching them with subtle piano keys. The track then kicks into the next gear as we head towards the drop, with Uri Farre building tension with rising synths and rolling snares. The Spanish producer then tops it off perfectly as uplifting and powerful synths take charge and you won’t be able to resist putting your hands in the air for this one.

Stream this single below.

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