Sam Feldt Talks New Music Style, Growing As An Artist, Ups & Downs Of Fangage, And More!

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Sam Feldt Talks New Music Style, Growing As An Artist, Ups & Downs Of Fangage, And More!

Sam Feldt keeps raising heads, kicking off 2021 with stellar new single ‘Stronger’, featuring internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated US singer/songwriter Kesha‘Stronger’ blends Feldt’s sultry production sound and taste for undeniably tasty pop hooks with Kesha’s touching and unique vocals. It’s two artists bringing out the best in each other, making us ‘Stronger’ for a surely invigorating new year – out now on Heartfeldt Records. We had the pleasure of speaking with Sam Feldt to celebrate his new release.

Thanks for taking this time to speak with us! Let’s kick it off with ‘Stronger’. How happy are you with the finished product and its home on Heartfeldt Records?
“I’m beyond excited about ‘Stronger’. I used to listen to all Kesha’s songs, so it is a huge honour to have this track released on my own record label which I launched in March last year. I feel that the message Kesha tried to send with the track is really inspiring and super relevant in these turbulent times. That’s why I knew I had to be part of this message. I started on the production right away and tried to create the right balance between the emotional but inspiring message and the uplifting and hopeful beat.”

The single features the incredible vocals from Kesha. How was it to work alongside a big name in the pop-dance scene.
“It’s very inspiring to work with such an established name like Kesha. I’ve learned a lot from this release. I think it’s the perfect first step into the next chapter of my career. I can’t wait to share all the amazing collaborations that are yet to come.”

With your previous releases blending styles of dance and tropical house with elements of pop, do you feel yourself and Kesha were a perfect match in terms of style?
“I feel that in all areas of my life it was time to step into the next chapter. I think I’ve grown as a person but also as an artist. My style evolved, I wanted to create a more mature sound and I think that Kesha’s sound and the message she delivers with this track is the perfect fit for that.”

You recently wiped your IG feed and teased of something new, is this single the beginning of this new chapter, or a blend between the old and new?
“For me it was a way to show my fans that it was time for something new and leave the past behind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still super proud of all my previous work but it was time to start a new era. I felt like it was time to create music that is more mature with a deeper meaning. Just like my fans, I get older and my style is evolving so that’s why I’m taking my fans on that journey with me.”

With this new chapter in your career, do you feel the dance scene is ready for it or will they be blown away?
“My style is evolving but my core will stay the same; my music will always be melodic, uplifting with strong vocals and melodies, so I guess they are ready for it. Isn’t the whole world ready for change right now?”

As an artist at the top of his game for over 5 years now, do you feel branching out and experimenting is key to keeping your sound fresh and inviting?
“Of course! I change, the world is changing, everything changes constantly, that’s what makes it fun. I have a very broad taste in music ranging from techno to jazz, I always try to implement influences from these different genres in my tracks.”

Moving onto Fangage now. The platform was revolutionary and led to tons of artists signing up, even more than you expected. Even though you had to put it on hold, was it enjoyable to see your idea was a little bit too successful?
“Fangage was the victim of its own success, with lots of clients signing up on a system that wasn’t prepared for that type of growth yet. That’s why we set up crowdfunding to develop the software further. Now we are able to service more creators and are we able to grow even further. It’s one of my biggest joys in life, building something and letting it grow, so for that to happen to Fangage is awesome.”

What mistakes did you make with the previous launch that you learned from and improved this time?
“The architect and set up of the software weren’t scalable, which was why we couldn’t handle all the clients and the fanbases that they built within Fangage. We fixed that problem and are fully ready to grow now.”

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Do you have any final words for your fans?
“Thanks for all the love you gave me over the years. I hope you guys are ready to embark on the next chapter with me.”

View the official music video for ‘Stronger’ below.

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