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Scott Avery Presents His Debut EP ‘Child Self’!

Born in Philly and raised on his father’s all-encompassing record collection, Scott Avery‘s appreciation for music comes from the soul. Early exposure to Philly’s underground music scene, block parties, and cookouts sparked his admiration of music of all genres.

In 2005, he moved to NYC to pursue a career in the arts. A few years later, Avery made his artistic debut with Reasonable Doubt, a five-day performance art piece where he explored honesty and integrity in the art world.

In 2016, Avery moved to Detroit, a city known for breeding the early sounds of underground electronic music. In Detroit, techno’s legacy and the pulse of its creative landscape provided him with daily inspiration. However, it wasn’t until his father passed away in 2018 that his earliest experiences of music came back to the forefront. Familial memories inspired his entry into the world of electronic music. This crucible is where Avery was reborn, a moniker that has come to symbolize self-reflection, collective experience, and boundless realisation.

Fast forward to the present, his debut EP ‘Child Self’, traverses across an array of soundscapes – with the extended player paying homage to innocence and the source of his creative expression. The EP also represents a juncture in Avery‘s own personal history, a moment of artistic reflection as he considers the varying roads that have led him to the present day.

From the opening cut ‘Pink Polo’, title track ‘Child Self’ and onto ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Operational Tempo’ Avery‘s personal and historical memories resurface across the EP in roundabout ways, unlocked in ecstatic sonic transmissions, expressing profound sentiments that language can’t easily describe.

Underpinned with subtle reference points to Detroit’s legendary history, with underlying samples that seamlessly flow between house, Motown, disco, and Hip-Hop, ‘Child Self’ clearly defines Avery‘s forthcoming musical agenda fittingly.

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