Serdex Joins Poleis Records Roster With Exceptional Release ‘Get Lost’ ft. Nadyne Rush!

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Serdex Joins Poleis Records Roster With Exceptional Release ‘Get Lost’ ft. Nadyne Rush!

Although his debut single ‘Karmalogik’ came in 2019, Serdex is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene. It all began in the 90s when he was working in nightclubs in Italy, learning to be a DJ in the process. As time went on he grew more passionate about the industry and then began to produce his own tracks. In 2002, an accident at work seems to put an end to everything, but not giving up his dreams and working with perseverance and passion he continued to work on various tracks between 2008 and 2012. In 2018, the real musical transformation began, also marking the first steps of what will be the birth of the Serdex project. He brought us ‘Bomb’, ‘Karmalogik’, and ‘Camelot’ in 2019 and ‘Noise19’, ‘Rebel’, and ‘Sapphire’ in 2020. Now after releasing his ‘Destiny’ EP earlier this year, Serdex makes his debut on Poleis Records with the exceptional ‘Get Lost’ ft. Nadyne Rush.

Ever since its debut earlier this year, Poleis Records has been on a roll with tons of high-quality releases being put out on a constant basis. Every time we see this record label appearing on our new music feeds, we know we are in for a treat. Owned and operated by the very talented Marco Deleoni, the record label has been signing emerging talent and giving them a platform to showcase their music.

Putting all his talents on display with this single, Serdex perfectly adds atmospheric sounds with the stunning vocals of Nadyne Rush to set the tone right from the start. A subtle yet tension-creating build-up is then incorporated with the drop blowing us away. Melodic synths and a groovy undertone takes the centre stage as slight vocal work back the elements perfectly, leading to an overall astounding single. Yet another awesome release from Poleis Records and Serdex, this is a sure-fire playlist addition.

Are you a producer? Send your demos to POLEIS RECORDS here: [email protected]

Stream this single below.

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