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Sickick Talks Being Back On Stage, Online Content, Musical Styles & New EP!

In a world dominated by the desire for fame, Sickick is the enigmatic artist making a name for himself in music without ever showing his face. The masked producer, vocalist, and songwriter has crafted his unique style of electronica by layering seductive lyrics over hard-hitting percussion. Sickick brings together elements of trap, bass, reggaeton, electro, and Rhythm and Blues to create an atmospheric, otherworldly auditory experience. Having just performed on the mainstage of SAGA Festival, we had the pleasure of speaking with Sickick about several topics.

After a year of cancellations and no festival, how does it feel to be back on stage?
“I can’t tell you how amazing it feels, we definitely didn’t waste any time in this quarantine, we were in the studio locked in just creating content, and we knew one day was gonna come out, we knew it was gonna come out in the right way and thankfully now it’s bursting with excitement and festivals and all those type of things so I’m on cloud nine.”

On social media, you post a lot of your live mashups. Did the pandemic make you focus on online content?
“The pandemic was the catalyst to what we are today for sure. Something happened in the world where this whole thing stopped the planet for a second and everyone was able to breathe and realize what they truly want, like, what did you want from, what are you trying to do, you know, and we all had so many deep talks about it. This is what we should do, that couldn’t have happened without this break. So now that we had that, the vision is strong, the plan is clear so we’re doing exactly that.”

You post a lot online, a lot of your live mashups. Do you find it hard to not post as much and save some stuff for when you’re playing live?
“Yeah, I want to, if it was up to me I post every day but my manager says just keep it cool. You don’t need to do all that all the time, plus it gives me a break for a little bit. Yeah, it’s tasteful posts I think is the way to go now.”

You’ve been an artist for a very long time. You’ve been releasing music and DJing and performing for several years. You’ve got a lot of genres and styles within your music, how important do you feel it is to diversify and work on a lot of stuff?
“You know what it is, because this really is a huge question you just asked. Before this thing became more of like a DJ performer act. I don’t consider myself to be DJ, I think I’m an artist, I truly believe that what we’ve created is more of an artist than a DJ. With that said, the diversity of what we do really works with our image because I’ve been blessed enough to incorporate this DJ element in our stuff. If you are an artist, then it probably would be more beneficial for you to find your sound and do that, to the best of your ability, but because we look like this element of DJing is in it I have, I’ve been blessed, I can do some reggae stuff I can do some dance stuff I could do all this and people will accept it, because it goes with the image right so I’m in a good place, man.”

I appreciate you taking time the time to speak with us. Is there anything you’d like to reveal to our readers?
Yeah, on Halloween we’re gonna have a small EP of three to four originals. After all this time of doing mashups and remixes, three or four songs originals and trust me, you’re gonna like these ones right, they’re gonna be sick!”

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