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Sterio Releases Infectious & Groovy Remix Of ‘Only For A Minute’ By Alex Uhlmann!

With the original track still gaining steam, Alex Uhlmann ramps up the momentum on ‘Only For A Minute’ by drafting in Sterio for a super infectious and groovy remix. A vocal-driven single that takes acoustic elements and pairs them with a subtle dance vibe to create something truly speculator, the original single from Alex proves to be the perfect one for Sterio to inject his own flavor. Taking the subtle dance elements from the original and making them center stage alongside Alex‘s vocals is the perfect way to take this single and turn it into your own and that’s exactly what Sterio does.

The remix kicks off perfectly with Alex‘s vocals with an atmospheric twist as simple yet effective plucky synths set the tone for what is to come. As the remix progresses, Sterio adds more and more groovy elements into the mix as Alex Uhlmann delivers a terrific vocal performance. The remix then kicks into the next gear as an infectious piano is introduced with a groovy bassline and punchy kicks coming not long after to carry some dancey rhythm. A remix that is sure to get any dancefloor moving, it shows just how much of a pairing Alex Uhlmann is with Sterio.

Stream this remix below.

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