Zan Monic Infuses Hip Hop And EDM In Massive New Bootleg!

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Zan Monic Infuses Hip Hop And EDM In Massive New Bootleg!

Higher Brothers are a Chinese hip hop group from Chengdu consisting of four members: MaSiWei, DZknow Zhen Ding, Psy.P, and Melo. They are signed with the record label 88rising, whose roster of artists includes Asian and Asian-American artists. Higher Brothers are notable as a high-profile rap group that has largely avoided Chinese government censorship while gaining popularity in the west, making them the first Chinese rap act to garner international success.

A video published by 88rising shows prominent hip-hop figures like Kyle, Lil’ Yachty, Migos, and Playboi Carti reacting extremely positively to Higher Brothers‘ hit music video ‘Made in China’ skyrocketing their popularity and helping push them into the public eye internationally. The Higher Brothers also appeared in both Adidas Originals and Beats by Dre commercials and were involved in a photo shoot with Russel Westbrook to promote the opening of a Jordan flagship store in Shanghai.

Always one to be innovative, Zan Monic infuses 2 of their tracks, ‘Made In China’ and ‘Flexing So Hard’, with some EDM vibes to bring their sound to the dance music world. Wanting to create music that has some Asian influences and Asian elements, Zan Monic uses instruments like the Erhu along with a traditional Chinese harp throughout the track. Combining these two tracks with those Asian elements, while also incorporating his own energetic club flavor into proceedings is where this one truly shines, further showcasing the talents that Zan Monic has.

Further proving his innovation, Zan Monic brings the style of vinahouse to the masses. Vinahouse is a local style of house music developed in Vietnam, with roots dating back to the late 1990s. A fast-paced style, vinahouse can range from 132 BPM to 142 BPM, featuring simple beats and loud bass, with many artists using the style for remixes, using the vocals and melodies of V-Pop or international hits.

Preview this bootleg below and drop him a DM on Instagram here to get your free download!

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