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Stretch Kicks Off New Label With Captivating New Single ‘Ignite’!

Stretch, a Richmond, VA native, unveils his independent label Freak Freqs, giving listeners a taste of what’s to come with the debut single ‘Ignite’. A track that perfectly embodies both the artist and labels creative vision, ‘Ignite’ blends electro and bass elements with ethereal melodies, all coming together to create a captivating sonic journey. The track captivates with its dynamic composition, meticulous sound design, and unwavering momentum, keeping audiences hooked from start to finish.

Having gained recognition in the electronic music scene with previous releases like ‘Roots’ and ‘Drum Talk’, Stretch aims to cement his trailblazer status by leveraging his dedicated following to grow his new label. Freak Freqs‘ mission is to discover innovative artists who defy genres and push boundaries, contributing to the uplifting and nurturing spirit of the underground bass music community. The label seeks to help emerging talents rise to the surface and solidify their own signature styles.

Stream this signal below.

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