Subrinse And HAUMS Inject House Grooves Into Recently Viral Hit ‘Dreams’!

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Subrinse And HAUMS Inject House Grooves Into Recently Viral Hit ‘Dreams’!

A truly timeless track in its own right, ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac was a true hit when it was released in 1977. Now taking up a life of its own, the classic single has gone viral on social media websites due to its infectious tone and magnificent vocals. Ready to inject some house grooves into this classic single, Subrinse and HAUMS come together to turn this 1970s hit into a 2020 club weapon. Having impressed with previous remixes of ‘FOTW’ and ‘Chirp’, Subrinse knocks it out of the park once again as he combines with the emerging artist HAUMS on this remix.

The remix kicks off and sets the tone perfectly with infectious synths that are joined by rhythmic drum loops and a bassline. These US-based artists then introduced elements of the original track but they spin it in a modern way, making this remix take up a life of its own. As the remix progresses, the pair add more and more soulful and groovy synths into the mix which just take this remix to the next level. As if the remix couldn’t get any better, it’s available as a free download! Yet another stunning remix from both artists, they should definitely be on your ones to watch lists.

Stream this remix below and grab your free download here.

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