synthessia Releases Incredible New Remix Of ‘Brightest Lights’ By Lane 8!

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synthessia Releases Incredible New Remix Of ‘Brightest Lights’ By Lane 8!

Although the name “synthessia” might be new to the dance music scene, the artist behind the name is not. Denver-based producer Teal Beadle has been producing music for several years now, mostly under the deep house, bass house, and house banners. After being hooked on music by the likes of deadmau5, Pryda, Lane 8, and i_o, just to name a few, Teal Beadle has decided to venture into the world of melodic and progressive techno, debuting the alias of synthessia in the process.

For his first outing under the new alias, synthessia treats us a wonderful new remix of the classic track ‘Brightest Lights’ by Lane 8. This remix gives the song a more minimal and driving feel with a focus on the groove and the vocals compared to the original. With ever-present kicks and low ends driving the single on, the awesome melodies and sounds on top of those low ends top this remix off perfectly and work as a great building block for the future. With only 1 release under the name of synthessia, we can’t wait to hear what’s next from this talented artist.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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