Tanucci Treats Us To The Melodic New Single ‘Numb3rs’!

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Tanucci Treats Us To The Melodic New Single ‘Numb3rs’!

American producer Tanucci prides himself in always stepping out of his comfort zone and challenging himself with each and every release that he puts out. Previously releasing big room and electro house bootlegs, Tanucci released his first production titled ‘Sissu’ and it did not disappoint. Tanucci moved away from his previously hard hitting style to welcome a more melodic piano-driven style and the results were fantastic. He then followed on from this single with ‘Paradise‘, a less piano-driven single but with that melodic tone throughout with a hint of pianos and it worked wonders. Now returning 1 year later from his previous release, Tanucci unveils his latest piece of work, ‘Numb3rs’.

‘Numb3rs’ really showcases that fresh and melodic style that Tanucci has been working hard on these past two years. Waiting 1 year between releases made us anticipate something great and this single is just that. The single kicks off with small hints of synths for what is to come in the track, with the American producer slowly adding more and more elements as the track progresses. The track kicks into the next gear as Tanucci introduces a crisp piano melody with cool echo and reverb which adds bounce and groove to the single. For the main sections, Tanucci keeps the piano while layering synths and basslines underneath it which tops the single off perfectly.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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