Tejeda & Jablonski Deliver Fantastic Remix Of ‘Peaches’ By Justin Bieber!

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Tejeda & Jablonski Deliver Fantastic Remix Of ‘Peaches’ By Justin Bieber!

Forming somewhat of an alliance over the past year, solo artists Tejeda and Jablonski have delivered in grand fashion with remixes of ‘Body Back’, ‘OK Not To Be OK’, and ‘I Miss U’. Both Chicago natives, Tejeda and Jablonski blend each other’s signature styles expertly and the combination definitely brings the best out of each artist, leading to so many new remixes and originals. With both artists being within the genres of pop-dance, house, and anything that falls in between, their styles mesh wonderfully and their latest remix is just another example of it.

Releasing their second remix of 2021, Tejeda and Jablonski make the 4-month wait worth it as they dropped their first remix of 2021 in early January. The pair of artists take the easy-going and summer-like vibe of the original ‘Peaches’ by Justin Bieber and add even more dancey vibes into the mix. The track builds towards the drops as the main sections and they do not disappoint, with creative vocal sampling and editing leads to a groovy section with perfectly placed synths and samples behind which carry even more soul and dance vibe. A true summer remix, this one is perfect for the upcoming festival season.

Stream this single and grab your free download below.

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