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Terry Golden Talks About His Latest Release, The Inspiration Behind The Track, His Upcoming Plans & More!

Prominent DJ and music producer Terry Golden is on his way to conquering every dance floor in the world. His latest live appearances have seen him perform and the biggest summer festivals in Europe, while also releasing hard-hitting productions back-to-back.

In another powerful addition to his collaboration with the iconic label Blanco y Negro, Terry Golden amazed his listeners with ‘Moonlight’ his latest release. This powerful track packs the full force of Terry Golden’s music, even though, this is just the beginning of his successful musical journey.

We found some time in his busy schedule to sit down with him to ask more about the behind-the-scenes process of his recent hit ‘Moonlight’, the inspiration behind the track, and his upcoming projects.

Hello Terry Golden, how are you doing?
Happy days for sure, just back from some massive gigs at Neversea festival, Ultra Europe and Yacht week, so now just catching up before the next ones.

‘Moonlight’ is out now, what inspired this track?
I had festival season in mind when I started, so my aim was to create a track with a big contrast from the verse to the drop, so the crowd really feel a massive kick of energy.

This production is part of a series of releases via Blanco y Negro, how is it like collaborating with them?
This was the second release with Blanco Y Negro, and the experience has been really good so far. You really feel that this is more than just a label wanting to push out as many tracks as possible. We are both very happy with the collaboration, and just signed 3 more tracks with them, so now, a total of 7 coming out in 2022.

Did you use any new plugins or interesting samples for the song?
I had a sound bank of Terry Golden presets done for Serum, so this is the first song using presets from my own designed sound bank. Excited for this, as I hope it will make my sound shine a bit more in the massive number of good producers out there.

You feature vocals from Marcello Vieira, how did that collaboration come about?
We found each other on Soundbetter, I have used vocalists before – and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him. Great guy, you feel his passion for the track, and just loving the rock attitude his voice brings to it.

What were you looking to convey with this track?
‘Moonlight’ is made for the big dancefloors, festival, power fitness and other situations where you need to get a big kick of energy. So really just want people to feel happy, forget anything else in that moment and just let loose – that’s also what the story in the lyrics are about – and an absolute statement in the last words “shake the ground”.

Were there any influences that inspired you?
No, actually not – I really tried to find my own way – to bring something special to the table and based on the feedback I got from the festivals, looks like we nailed it.

What would you like the listeners to feel when they listen to ‘Moonlight’?
They should feel the big energetic drop and if that will make somebody happy – mission accomplished.

How does it differ from your previous releases?
More big room sound in this one, than any previous track I have made.

What are you looking forward to?
The next round of gigs coming up, a lot of exciting stuff is happening right now – so 2022 is already a good year, but it will get better!

Stream ‘Moonlight’ below.

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