Three-Piece Outfit WAVEDASH Unveil Lead Single From Forthcoming Debut Artist Album ‘World Famous Tour’!

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Three-Piece Outfit WAVEDASH Unveil Lead Single From Forthcoming Debut Artist Album ‘World Famous Tour’!

WAVEDASH is unveiling the first offering from their highly anticipated debut artist album, ‘World Famous Tour,’ with a bubbly and vibrant slice of decadence that takes the shape of its lead single, “Dummo Loop.” Since the conception of their Gud Vibrations imprint, label-heads NGHTMRE and SLANDER have been massive advocates of Luke, Michael and Gavin, the childhood friends from Austin who are also the brains behind the speaker-smashing bass trio WAVEDASH. The boys have been responsible for numerous singles across the catalog that stretch all the way back to day one of the label’s ever-evolving history. Now, they’re gearing up to release their most ambitious effort to date. It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, however, with the journey being a tumultuous four years in the making—its creators even admitting via a visual teaser that they were close to calling it quits throughout the creative process. Lucky for us, they fought through the rollercoaster of emotions and chose to see their vision through with plans to drop their ‘World Famous Tour’ LP in early 2021. It will not only be the debut full-length from the three-piece outfit but will also double as the first long-player project to surface on the Gud Vibrations release schedule.

“Dummo Loop” is the first glimpse we’re given into their imminent body of work, which is underpinned by strong feelings of self-awareness and a reminder to relish the small, and oftentimes defining, moments that should spark endless joy in our lives.

“At its inception, ‘Dummo Loop’ was nearly thrown away out of self-consciousness, for fear of potentially being viewed as derivative or generic,” says WAVEDASH. “It has since grown into a song that we love entirely and are proud to share. ‘Dummo Loop’ isn’t particularly about any time, place, or person, but more so about a specific feeling that can sometimes be hard to communicate. It’s the energy you get from dancing to your favorite song with your friends at a concert. The rush you get when you and your partner finally finish the game you’ve been struggling to beat. The sensation you feel when you’re noticed for something great that you’ve done. In many cases for us, it’s creating something that our friends enjoy. In a nutshell, ‘Dummo Loop’ is about confidence and fun, while reassuring the notion that articulating your ideas assuredly, and without compromise, is essential.”

The repeating vocal chops, the playful and turbo-charged synth riffs, punchy snares, and in-your-face drum fills create a delirious rush of sparkly, candy-coated dance-pop that can’t help but make you want to bounce off the walls. While a majority of the track engulfs you in its overwhelming upbeat energy, the somber moments towards the latter of the track feel purposefully juxtaposed to the liveliness, deliberately pulling nostalgic emotions from the likes of a classic video game soundtrack. The single is made to feel triumphant by intent, being the WAVEDASH trio’s lead single and return to form, it represents the creative direction the project is taking in the most flashy way—it’s complete sonic hedonism—loud, fun, and instantaneous.

UKF recently hosted the premiere of the official music video for “Dummo Loop,” a static-riddled collection of RGB visuals that flicker across a web browser, embodying some of their favorite things, such as DAW sessions, homemade videos, idyllic landscapes, insane BMX runs from Chase Hawk, and more. WAVEDASH, SLANDER and Porter Robinson (who has also been a proponent of the project) crashed the comments section to hype everyone up about the release of “Dummo Loop,” while keeping the expectations high for what will undoubtedly be a triumphant album and a fresh start for one of the most exciting names in bass music.

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