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Tropix Combines With Wyle For Awesome New Single ‘Don’t Start Now’!

After releasing his Valentine’s Day single ‘Closer’ on Lowly and amassing over 300,000 streams within the first two months, the New York native Tropix is back teaming up with Wyle and vocalist SHEE, for his follow up cover single ‘Don’t Start Now’.This cover single offers a unique take to Dua Lipa’s hit record ‘Don’t Start Now’, with a joyful sound design while including melodic elements of the original track.

Shadowing the successful release of their ‘Hold Tight’ remix, Tropix and Wyle brought their bright piano flair, as they utilized up-tempo instrumentation and cheerful sound patterns throughout the track emphasizing with a fitting, noteworthy energic drop that will get people on their feet. The track couldn’t have been the way it was without Nashville based indie-pop vocalist SHEE, as she utilized her gentle but gritty stylistic tone to perfection. She depicts Dua’s emotions within the original track as well as bringing her own dreamy atmosphere that paints the picture for the storyline of the track.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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