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Vampr Sets The Standard For Social Networking For Artists!

Branded as the #1 network for artists, it’s hard to disagree with that sentiment. A one-stop-shop for everything an artist might need, one quick look at the website, and you are instantly introduced to everything that they can offer. From collaborating with other artists on the platform, publishing your music, learning from experts, and receiving the latest news, there’s something very everyone on the Vampr platform. Once you sign up on this platform, you’ll have an endless amount of possibilities to add to your career to-do list.

The first thing that Vampr offers is publishing. As easy as can be, upload your single onto the Vampr platform, select which stores and streaming websites you’d like to submit your music to, and click submit. Just like that, your music will be on every major store and platform across the globe. Not only that, but Vampr can also get your music placed in commercials, video games, film, and TV, making the options for earning money endless.

The next thing Vampr can offer is a hub to search and connect with artists of similar styles and visions. This is the perfect place for you to link up with fellow artists, whether you are looking for vocals on your new single, looking for help finishing a track, or want to work on someone else’s idea, Vampr‘s social hub will take your connections to the next level.

If you are a beginner or looking to hone in on your craft, Vampr also offers a range of tutorials and lessons, directed to improve upon what you already know. From lessons ranging from beginner to expert, there’s nothing you can’t learn from Vampr‘s teaching hub with experts ready and willing to level up your skills and knowledge.

Not only that, but Vampr also offers a connection hub, a place for you to keep up to date with all your fellow artists. This hub contains all the news and releases, helping you to stay up to date with everyone and everything that you are interested in.

All these aspects on their own would make an amazing platform but as you combine them all, there’s not telling what you could do when you sign up with Vampr. Download the app and sign up to Vampr here:

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