Robbie Rivera And Ex-Spotify Executive Austin Kramer Announce Official Relaunch of Juicy Music Label!

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Robbie Rivera And Ex-Spotify Executive Austin Kramer Announce Official Relaunch of Juicy Music Label!

World-class Puerto Rican DJ and producer Robbie Rivera announced the relaunch of Juicy Music this week- marking nearly twenty-five years of the thriving music group and its prominence in dance music. Partnering with ex-Spotify executive Austin Kramer and Novation Holdings, the revamped label will now focus on bringing in rising talent, throwing live events, curating artist NFTs, and continuing to release music from some of the top producers in the world.

Robbie Rivera and Austin Kramer are no strangers to the industry- with a combined experience of over fifty years working within the dance music space and a long-lasting friendship of nearly two decades. Robbie boasts millions of streams across his discography including official remixes for Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Tiësto, U2, and more. The label-owner has taken on the world’s largest stages such as EDCLV, Ultra, Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, and has held a slew of residencies across Miami, Ibiza, New York, and more. Austin, on the other hand, has seen incredible success in his career as the Program Director at Sirius XM, Global Head of Dance at Spotify, and current on-air radio host at Tomorrowland’s One World Radio. The two came into contact in 2006 when Kramer worked at Sirius XM and Rivera had a weekly show on BPM.

The “UNreleased” show host expands on his friendship with Rivera, “I have been obsessed with Robbie’s unique sound and drum kits since 2006 when The Juicy Show was on XM. When I was working at the station, I noticed lots of callers phoning in during DJ Armando’s ‘Addiction’ live show on BPM inquiring about Robbie’s tracks. I would always ask Robbie in Miami at his Juicy Beach Broadcast what they were. I couldn’t forget that crazy sound- his use of kicks, snares, and basslines are unmatched even today.”

Since 1996, Juicy Music has established its name as one of the most influential labels in the dance music world. It was solidified as one of the first labels on Beatport and iTunes Dance signing on tracks and remixes from artists such as Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Tort, Saeed Younan, David Guetta, Tom & Collins, and Tom Stephan in the early stages of their careers. Today, the versatile catalog holds almost 4,000+ songs including dozens of chart-toppers. When looking into rebranding his Juicy Music imprint, it was evident to Rivera that Kramer was just the person for the job. This new partnership will allow Robbie Rivera to focus on running the project while maintaining its long-running list of legendary producers that shape the dance music scene. Austin Kramer’s fresh perspective will bring in new unknown artists, DJs, producers, and vocalists onto the label and evolve the Juicy sound into the next generation.

In a world of social media and streaming metrics taking over the industry, the team hopes that this project will encourage artists to come back to what it’s all about- the music. Rivera elaborates, “We are ecstatic about the relaunch of Juicy Music. We want to be a label that doesn’t care about how many social media followers our artists have, we want to be a label that puts artists and their music first.” With the combined forces of both Austin Kramer and Robbie Rivera, alongside the knowledge of the NFT-space from Novation Holdings, a new hope for rising artists of all genres finally comes to the table. When discussing this new venture, Kramer gives some final insight into why this project is so special: “Robbie’s always been true to his art and that’s what we want to continue on Juicy Music 2.0- finding and nurturing artists and their craft and most importantly, believing in them. We want to create a community of artists making art for the sake of art.” To celebrate, the reenvisioned label will host a launch party at le Rouge in Miami on August 13, 2022, with a special all-night set from Robbie Rivera with support from his new partner, Austin Kramer.

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