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Versue Drops Genre-Bending Heater ‘Splash’!

Although he made his debut in 2020 with ‘Arise’, Versue is no stranger to the world of electronic dance music. The Ukrainian-born, American-based artist has always had a massive obsession for dance music, an obsession that is so large that he could not deny himself a career within the industry. With such determination to make it big, Versue has worked tirelessly to create a fresh and modern signature sound that sets him apart from the rest of the field. A fan of multiple genres, Versue has created a fresh sound that includes a blend of progressive, electro, tech, and anything that might fall in between those brackets. With his first release of 2022, ‘Splash’, Versue showcases this signature style in its fullest form.

The single kicks off with an attention-grabbing vocal sample that you’ll have repeating in your head for hours to come. Versue then uses subtle risers and tension-building samples then bring us to the drop and it does not disappoint. Elements of electro with rattling synths then grab our attention with a tech-infused bassline and groove taking up the low end, resulting in a super unique end product. As the single progresses, each element gets its own time to shine with the second and final drop combining all elements and topping this single off perfectly.

Stream this single below.

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