‘Wait A Minute’, MKJ, Joel Coopa, And Jay Mason Are Here With An Absolute Smasher!

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‘Wait A Minute’, MKJ, Joel Coopa, And Jay Mason Are Here With An Absolute Smasher!

With 3 million monthly listeners, MKJ continues to prove himself at the highest of calibers. After successful singles like the cover of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ that’s just broken 70 million streams, the Kurdish dreamer teams up with Joel Coopa and Jay Mason for a deep stunner. These two artists mustn’t be overshadowed, for Jay Mason sees his works attract over a million monthly listeners, while Joel Coopa has performed in clubs all over Europe. ‘Wait A Minute’ takes that nightclub feel and makes it accessible for the wide audience these artists garner. Be sure to check it out, as you’ll find yourself waiting to replay it!

MKJ is a dreamer. He had to be in order to survive.  At the tender age of six years old, he found himself living in a tent as a war refugee with his family. The young Kurdish boy dreamed that he would one day move far away, to the world he saw in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Surrounded by war and turmoil, the dream seemed impossible, but after years of practice and producing beats on his computer, he relocated to the United States at the age of 22 and began pursuing his music career in earnest. In 2017, an unofficially released track by the DJ/producer called Time made its way from MKJ’s SoundCloud page to the greater China region, where it became a meme and viral sensation.  With its signature saxophone dance break, the song has spawned around 4 million TikTok videos, over 500 million streams, 210,000 NetEase comments and held the #1 on Shazam China charts for three weeks. All this led to worldwide touring opportunities and an exclusive distribution agreement with the China music tech giant, NetEase Cloud. A new vocal version of the track from the eclectic artist’s follow up EP Time After Time topped at #2 on NetEase’s viral chart, while follow up singles brought him into the top 100 of most streamed western artists on NetEase Cloud. From 2020 on, MKJ is signed with Soave Records with ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ as his biggest hit so far.

German based DJ and Producer Joel Coopa started his musical career by using his real name Christian Prieß as a DJ and his interest in deejaying, clubs and festivals in Europe (Ibiza, Poland, Netherland, Italy and Belgium) grew steadily. Further on he was also touring as Chame and as a member of StereoVision. After eighteen years of Techno and Tech-House he has been looking for a new direction as a producer and as a DJ equally and since then he has been focused on Pop-Music and House. So he adopted a new name „Joel Coopa“ and teamed up with Yann Muller and Chacel who released their first single „The Girl From Ipanema in July 2021 on Soave Records. „Well, it’s the most beautiful thing just to speak in one tongue that everybody understands – and that’s music … only music …“ (Joel Coopa). The latest single „WHERE ARE YOU NOW“ was released in March 2022 on Soave Records produced by Joel Coopa and Navagio. Be sure that more music will follow in the nearer future.

Jay Mason is a singer and songwriter from The Netherlands. Infected by his father he started playing Nirvana songs at the age of 10. His passion for music really came into bloom when he began writing his first tunes at the age of 17, playing in his metal band with his younger brother and 2 cousins. After his graduation at the Academy of Popular Culture in Leeuwarden Jay wanted to dive even deeper into the world of songwriting. He started doing co-writing sessions all over the country which led to his introduction to writing vocals for dance music in 2019. Working his butt off every day in his studio has resulted in numerous releases gaining over 150 million streams on Spotify already, including songs with Dynoro, KSHMR, Fedde Le Grand, Tungevaag, Blasterjaxx and Ferry Corsten to name a few. Being the chameleon he is, Jay has been growing his audience through his diverse songwriting and is known for his incredible vocal range, his characteristic rasp and powerful head voice.

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