Westend Depicts Dancefloor Addiction on Trouble-Seeking House Single ‘Life of Sin’ ft Ranger Trucco!

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Westend Depicts Dancefloor Addiction on Trouble-Seeking House Single ‘Life of Sin’ ft Ranger Trucco!

Westend is going all-in on his follow-up appearance for Insomniac Records via a pleasure-seeking house single titled ‘Life of Sin’, featuring Ranger Trucco.

It’s been close to a full year since the NYC-bred phenom made his debut on Insomniac through the stroke of oscillatory brilliance he packed into his four-track EP, ‘Collide.’ Now that nightlife is finally getting back on its feet, the tech-house phenom is ready to pull another ace out of his sleeve. On his latest creation, he leans on the high-roller talents of LA producer and vocalist Ranger Trucco to make inhibitions seem like a thing of the past. ‘Life of Sin’ plays out as a confessional of sorts, an honest admission between two kindred spirits willing to put it all on the line to have a good time. Trucco’s raspy vocals are engrained deep in decadence, as he chronicles the all-night shenanigans of the club-hooked couple intent on chasing the sunrise. Westend ups the ante by providing a dark and robust groove that refuses to retire until the naughty number scratches that nagging itch.

“They say write what about you know,” says Westend. “After touring around the US the last three years, I can confidently say that most DJs aren’t good eggs. The lifestyle usually consists of late nights, large hangovers, and regrettable decisions. ‘Life of Sin’ is for all the club addicts and sunrise fanatics out there. The track tells the story of an all-night carouse between guy and girl ravers. Neither wants to leave the club or close their tab. This records all started with the bass. When you come up with a tasty bassline you want to let it be the main star of the show. I have really loved Ranger Trucco’s vocals work and knew I had to recruit him onto the track. Sent him an instrumental to do his magic over and he came back with this crispy vocal that works perfectly and gave the track a real identity.”

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