What Happened To: Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Ummet Ozcan – Addicted

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What Happened To: Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Ummet Ozcan – Addicted

Being a Bigroom fan for almost 10 years, I can see so much changes from time to time. Since pandemic hits, billions of fans surely missed their festival’s journey. They would love to watch livestream where they can have a relationship between artist and fans about their career, styles and future plans. But today, I’m gonna talk about one unreleased from the biggest collaboration ever made in dance history. The Belgian brothers, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike teaming up with Dutch / Turkish DJ, Ummet Ozcan.

They’ve been collabed and toured for a long period till they released gigantic tracks such as ‘The Hum’, ‘Melody’, ‘Jaguar’, ‘Narcotic’, ‘The Beast (All As One)’ and the recent one, ‘Candyman’, a remix and teamed up with Breda duo, W&W. Due to their successful collaboration, they have achieved a couple of gold records. But, there’s one track that hasn’t been released to these days and it’s called, ‘Addicted’. One of the reasons may not be accepted as we know why ‘Addicted’ can’t see in the daylight.

‘Addicted’ debuted after the release of ‘Melody’, a teaming up – collaboration with Steve Aoki as they called themselves, 3 Are Legend. The track was released in April 2016 as it became an anthem for EURO 2016. The aforementioned collaboration was world premiered on the night at Tomorrowland 2016. The beginning of the track starts with a bassline, which was sampled from ‘Under Pressure’ by David Bowie or the famous one from ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice. High pitch of whistle and vocal follows the key until it stops with marching sound. Ummet break introduced and then built up came with an aggressive vocal for pre-drop. When the drop blasted, the entire stage could feel the huge rhythm as it blasted with the perfect kick.

Less than a year later, the trio had played ‘Addicted’ for a couple of times before they played another Ozcan’s collaboration. When I started digging on the 1001 tracklist, they had stopped playing ‘Addicted’ at the end of 2017 and I was wondering what had happened to that track? They somehow released both ‘Narcotic’ and ‘The Beast’ two years later and still ‘Addicted’ wasn’t on the spot.

Recently, Dimi had an interview on Insta live and according to him, he and Mike had lost a couple of laptops while on tour and I believe most of their unreleased materials can’t be seen these days. Other than that, they might have changed the keys and the melody of ‘Addicted’ by recycling it to both tracks, ‘Narcotic’ and ‘The Beast’ which those two aforementioned have the same elements of keys and drops. 

I felt bad when they didn’t explain much about ‘Addicted’ as they kept putting out their releases and they felt no worth of keeping unreleased materials till other producers/artists decide to leak them without their acknowledgement..

written by Devanesh Raj / Delacour Agency

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