What Happened To: Will K x Rob & Jack – Feel My Fire

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What Happened To: Will K x Rob & Jack – Feel My Fire

The undisputed collaboration a lot of people waited for ages came to life when the Australian artist Will K and Swedish duo Rob & Jack met in the studio several years back and composed it together. The track was played latest on Kryteria Radio 201 and no one has heard it since then. It’s been more than a year and people have continuously asked for the track to be released. The shocking reason will be revealed at the end of the article as you read through about the graceful ID.

During the year 2019, Rob & Jack were almost at the peak with their releases, churning out insane tunes on Dannic’s FONK, along with a few releases on Revealed and Axtone Recordings. We were almost sure that they could be the next big thing in the upcoming years. There may not be much on YouTube regarding this tune, but you can find it on 1001tracklists and SoundCloud if you wish to listen. I’m guessing it was going to be released in 2019, if not, 2020, until unforeseen circumstances happened. Rob & Jack also tweeted around June/July 2020 that this track will also see the daylight, also revealing another fellow artist will be included in the track; Marcus Santoro. Fans weren’t surprised as they could hear more than Will K and the duo themselves in the tune.

The track was first premiered in 2016 on Kryteria Radio 030 with more-than-satisfactory responses. The final version was later revealed on Kryteria Radio 201. The breakdown starts in elegance from an unknown female vocalist, releasing a spirit of total plenitude with this sublime vocal and a very progressive synth. The piano melodies roll in as soon as she finishes a rather short lyric, aided by her own echoing harmony along with the piano notes. The climax climbs up as much as it’s bringing the listeners up into heaven. The drop bursts out, with flowing emotions as if they’ve felt ascended onto a higher realm. The overall package of the track is flawlessly composed and mastered as if there’s no spot of imperfection. The track also shares some resemblance to the good old Swedish House Mafia-inspired music.

This glorious ID isn’t without obstacles. Will K, by 2019, had shifted to other genres like Tech House, Groove, and Bass House as he started to experiment with the aforementioned genres. I speculated Marcus Santoro was added to further refine the old version, although nothing has changed, since Will K was allegedly not willing to release this. Another tragic thing was the disbandment of Rob & Jack, themselves. I, the author of this article, found out that Rob & Jack has silently disbanded without publicly announcing any reason for retirement.

Overall, ‘Feel My Fire’ is a truly insane progressive gem from the distant past, from an era where we appreciate the music more than now. Hopefully, it’ll either be resurrected by Marcus Santoro or receive another fate we can’t even think of.

Written by Jibran / Delacour Agency

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