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William Black Takes An Emotional Journey With His Second Album ‘Pieces’!

Los Angeles-based producer, William Black, has released his second studio album, ‘Pieces’, via Lowly. ‘Pieces’ is a collection of songs that are each tied to an individual memory. Together, these tracks form an album representative of Black’s personal experience up to this point in his life. They are specific to him but universal enough to be felt by anyone.  

Black’s second album features a variety of other artists who all resonated with his desire to show nostalgia through music. Each vocalist’s soulful exploration of meaningful lyrics gives the individual tracks a depth to them which creates a connection to the listener. Each artist helps to provide the album a commonality, regardless of it changing from purely electronic to pop-punk to emotional medleys. Also featured on the album are some of the most talented producers in the EDM world right now such as Nurko, Essenger, Fairlane, and Forester. The focus track for the album, ‘Don’t Look Down’, will have an official music video dropping on November 5 via Lowly’s YouTube Channel.

Pieces is about putting together all the moments I’ve gone through, particularly considering the feelings attached to them. Each song is about a different emotional memory I have. Together, all these parts make up who I am as a person. Writing this album has helped me learn a lot about myself and how I’ve come to this wonderfully surreal point in my life. Music has always helped me through moments of sadness and to celebrate moments of joy. Pieces is meant to do the same.”William Black

Each of these are true collaborations between the artists involved, who feature their signature sounds, and blends with William Black’s. These songs stand out for their uniqueness because of this and help to paint an even more saturated image for the listener. ‘Pieces’, for William Black, was a “desire to be as personally honest as he could which required him to give everything he could into each track.” This desire has made ‘Pieces’ into an exceptional and captivating album.

William Black has recently played at big festivals such as Lollapalooza and EDC Las Vegas, while also getting ready to play shows across the world, along with upcoming festivals including Ember Shores, EDC Mexico, and EDC Orlando.

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