You’ll ‘Feel Like Dancing’ To CRÜPO And MKJ’s Latest Banger With B Martin!

You’ll ‘Feel Like Dancing’ To CRÜPO And MKJ’s Latest Banger With B Martin!

When the weekend makes its long-awaited approach, it’s time to get loose with friends and dance the week away to some thumping house beats. Dutch up-and-comer CRÜPO has just the recipe for that alongside MKJ whose famed cover of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ breaks the 100 million stream mark. A hint of minimalist instrumentation introduces itself until the tune ultimately climaxes with a lovely amalgamation of brass stabs, thick basslines, and sing-along vox you won’t get tired of. That is thanks to New York’s B Martin who somehow makes a brilliant dance beat more danceable through his anthemic songwriting! 

CRÜPO (Otto Kruip) is a Dutch DJ and Producer, born and raised in the East of the Netherlands. With his love and passion for harmony and rhythm, he creates electronic dance music that caresses the heart. By creating new sounds and creative freshness, he is letting the world know what he is capable of. With his DJ sets, he lifts your feet by playing a combination of beautiful melodies and banging beats. Some clubs he played are; Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Dynamo (Eindhoven), PKHS (Tilburg), and many more.

MKJ is a dreamer. He had to be in order to survive.  At the tender age of six years old, he found himself living in a tent as a war refugee with his family. The young Kurdish boy dreamed that he would one day move far away, to the world he saw in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Surrounded by war and turmoil, the dream seemed impossible, but after years of practice and producing beats on his computer, he relocated to the United States at the age of 22 and began pursuing his music career in earnest. In 2017, an unofficially released track by the DJ/producer called Time made its way from MKJ’s SoundCloud page to the greater China region, where it became a meme and viral sensation. With its signature saxophone dance break, the song has spawned around 4 million TikTok videos, over 500 million streams, 210,000 NetEase comments and held the #1 on Shazam China charts for three weeks. All this led to worldwide touring opportunities and an exclusive distribution agreement with the China music tech giant, NetEase Cloud. A new vocal version of the track from the eclectic artist’s follow-up EP Time After Time topped at #2 on NetEase’s viral chart, while follow up singles brought him into the top 100 of most-streamed western artists on NetEase Cloud. From 2020 on, MKJ is signed with Soave Records with ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ as his biggest hit so far.

B Martin is a New York native whose music career spans 10+ years, writing top 20 Billboard dance hits with over 10 million streams as a writer and 15 million as an artist. His notable accomplishments include being the winner of Hot 97’s “Who’s Next” and being named Best Hip Hop Artist in New York by J. Cole at the “Battle of the Best” at SXSW.

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