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88mph Drop Brand New Club Heater ‘Molly Money’!

Ever since their first release in 2017, 88mph have been on a roll with brand-new music, constantly releasing a single every year and delighting us with tracks such as ‘Lying Awake’ and ‘Higher’. Although it seemed like the seven-year streak would come to an end this year, 88mph have come out with a truly epic single title ‘Molly Money’, keeping that hot streak of releases continuing into 2023.

A different single compared to the pop-infused single that came before, 88mph had their sights and target on the dancefloor with this new one. An instantly memorable single with its unique vocal sample, this one truly shines with its low end, constantly grooving and keeping the rhythm pumping throughout. A slightly dark tone is taken for this one from 88mph but with that bassline carrying the beat, it doesn’t go too low and makes for an exceptional DJ weapon for those late-night sets.

Stream this single below.

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