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Heph Closes Out 2022 With Super Groovy Tune ‘Back’!

After releasing his debut single ‘Run It‘ in 2021, American artist Heph was determined to make 2022 an even bigger year. Fast forward twelve months after that single dropped, and although it may not seem like it, Heph has certainly made 2022 his statement year. Working tirelessly behind the scene to craft a dance music sound that is worth hearing, Heph brings together elements of tech house with energetic drums, catchy vocals, and grooving bass lines that can range from happy and energetic to dark and dirty. This unique style can be seen in releases such as ‘Aspirations’ and ‘Run It’.

From a young age, Heph has always been obsessed with music that catches your ear, whether that’s a melody, sound, or vocal. He tries to bring that ear-catching energy to the music he makes, so there’s always an aspect that catches the listener and pulls them in. Now closing out the year with a gem, Heph drops ‘Back’ via Realty Records, a record label he co-founded in March of 2022.

‘Back’ is another showcase of that signature sound that we’ve come to love and desire from Heph. While he has his targets on the dance floor for this one, he makes sure that this single resonates with its listeners, making it memorable with the ever-present groovy vibes and vocal samples. These elements, when combined with all the perfectly placed synths and sounds make for a super enjoyable listen that just makes you want to dance from wherever you may be listening to it.

Stream this single below.

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