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‘Closer’ Adds A New Club Banger To The Future House Music Landscape

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, a new beacon of rhythm and melody emerges with the release of ‘Closer’. Crafted by the ingenious collaboration between Future House Music‘s seasoned artist SIIK and the fresh force that is KDH. ‘Closer’ stands as confirmation that Future House keeps bringing forth nothing but bangers!

SIIK, a name synonymous with success in the Future House Music scene, returns with ‘Closer’ after reaching the top 40 with the most supported Mainstage tracks of 2023. His track ‘Saviour’ has resonated across dance floors globally, securing its place as the 39th most supported ‘Mainstage’ track of the year according to 1001Tracklists. With a repertoire of collaborations with industry giants such as Pink Panda, Steff Da Campo, and SMACK, SIIK‘s innovative approach to music production and his ability to create engaging tracks have made him a standout artist in the electronic music domain.

On the flip side, KDH emerges as the new kid on the block over at FHM, bringing a fresh energy and perspective to the collaboration. As the resident DJ and music director of the esteemed Sel Octagon Tokyo, KDH has honed his craft, curating sounds that elevate the club experience to new heights. His performances at Ultra Japan and Don’t Let Daddy Know in Korea have showcased his ability to make audiences bounce, while his collaborations with artists like Dirty Palm and Raven & Kreyn highlight his versatility and flair for innovation in music production.

‘Closer’ is a collaboration that marks a new chapter for both SIIK and KDH. Kickstarting 2024 as strong as they can together, their distinct styles merge to create an amazing anthem. The future is bright with such talented artists as SIIK and KDH within the scene! Now, come ‘Closer’, and have a listen!

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