Errol Bangz Returns With Banging ‘Gang Steppa’ EP!

Errol Bangz Returns With Banging ‘Gang Steppa’ EP!

When it comes to delivering hit after hit while also stepping outside the box each time, very few can come close to the ever-rising Errol Bangz. Since making his debut in 2019 with ‘Dystopian’, this American artist has been showcasing his love for all things dance music along with his talent and diversity with each release. In a short span of 3 years, Errol Bangz has delivered multiple different styles, all based around a deep and groovy house style with influences from bass house, tech house, breakbeat, techno, bass house, and more. Continuing his streak of fresh releases, Errol Bangz returns with a major 2-track EP titled ‘Gang Steppa’.

The EP kicks off with the title track, ‘Gang Steppa’, as this single sets the tone for what’s to come right from the start. Deep and atmospheric elements are quickly joined by low and thumping drum work that work together perfectly. As the single progresses, more and more elements come together and when all played at once it turns into a recipe for straight groove. Subtle melodic tones get introduced throughout, taking this single to the next level and opening this EP up in the right way. Next up is ‘Pistol Grabbin’, another single that brings that deep and house groove. Although it has its own elements and vibe, it ties in perfectly with what has come before with that subtle and punchy low end being combined with topline elements that make each other shine. A massive EP all round, this one does not look out of place on Errol Bangz‘ catalog.

Stream this EP below.

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