Marc Antonix & Revaeon Shift Levels With Futuristic Collaboration On ‘Flashback’!

Marc Antonix & Revaeon Shift Levels With Futuristic Collaboration On ‘Flashback’!

As the summer draws to a close, Los Angeles artist Marc Antonix continues to expand his horizons and keep the momentum rolling as we enter the closing months of the year. With 3 solo releases under his belt in 2020 so far, it’s come time for Marc Antonix to link up with another talented producer in the form of Revaeon. Two artists who have unleashed hit after hit this year, a team up was only going to bring epic results and that is certainly the case for ‘Flashback’.

Much like their past releases, ‘Flashback’ brings that high energy and tempo that we’ve come to love from both Marc Antonix and Revaeon. The single kicks off with reverberating chimes and majestic soundscapes, laying the foundation for what is to come and letting the listeners get comfortable as the track progresses. With the listeners’ full attention Marc Antonix and Revaeon start to rise the tempo and energy as it reaches the peak, with the drop coming and blowing us away. Luscious synths are blended with power to create a truly euphoric and hands-in-the-air vibe that is certain to make hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Listen to this single below.

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