European Artist Joan Alasta Announces New Upcoming Single ‘Your Touch’!

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European Artist Joan Alasta Announces New Upcoming Single ‘Your Touch’!

Her name is likely unfamiliar to you but you probably heard her radiant and mysterious tone in the hit ‘Big Jet Plane’, remixed by Alok and Mathieu Koss which got more than 140 million views on streamings platforms.

Joan Alasta is definitely more than a voice or a talented singer and sensitive songwriter but also an accomplished businesswoman. After living her first experiences as an artist, signing singles to iconic labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Soave or Humble Angel, thanks to her proven vocal skills, Joan felt unsatisfied with this label-artist relationship as she had many projects in mind and she lives as a long term building person and likes to be surrounded by a like-minded work family.

Joan decided to be the master of her own destiny by building Garden Cactus Records with her business partner Tanja Ramseger in 2021 to release her own music but also to share her expertise in EDM development and commitment with other artists she wanted to accompany in a way she was expecting.

Even if this business adventure is a time and energy consumer, Joan is more and more productive. Above her voice, she is a talented female electronic music producer as well as a topliner for other singers. Her meeting with publisher Musigamy has enabled her to explore her multifaceted creativity and to meet numerous artists in France and all over the world. She’s currently preparing a series of tracks with gorgeous voices other than hers to focus on her producer’s side.

Her two last personal singles, ‘No Return’ and ‘Wrecked My Heart’ showed how much she had been digging into her artistic direction these last few months, working with many talented people and pushing her limits to propose a unique house pop sound in electronic music.

Her upcoming song ‘Your Touch’ will be the next step more to apogee of what she wants to deliver to the audience. The lyrics have been written by Jasmina Valentina and this song expresses the overwhelming, intoxicating, and addictive effect that desire and the thrill of a potential new love can completely immerse you in. It describes a feeling like no other, that no one else but that one person can give you, and no matter how strong you try to be, you just keep craving for more.

‘Your Touch’ will be released on all major streaming platforms on the 7th of October.

You can pre-save it here:

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