What Happened To: Dannic – Darkness

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What Happened To: Dannic – Darkness

Being a Revealed Recordings fan myself, I have heard my fair share of canceled IDs over the years. Dannic‘s ‘Run Through The Darkness’ might just top that list, or at least make it into the top 3.

Premiered in his Tomorrowland set in 2016, ‘Run Through The Darkness’ was always one of the most sought-after tracks played. The track is a beautiful progressive house track that, when you hear it today in 2021., awakens a nostalgic feeling for the golden era of EDM that was present from 2012-2016, in my opinion. The vocalist is, to everyone’s surprise, unknown, and if you check the tracklist for his aforementioned Tomorrowland 2016 set you will see that the production is labeled as a solo release, without vocalist credit in the title.

Let us talk about the track a little. As mentioned before, the genre of the single is an emotional festival progressive house with a strong vocal leading the charge. Dannic‘s ever-present production prowess is present in the break and, especially, in the drop itself. The lyrics talk about a love of a boy towards a girl that holds a special place in his heart and as he mentions he would “run through the darkness” for her. Nowadays, these types of lyrics are the kinds of you can find all over lesser-known EDM labels or the prime example, Revealed Radar which seems to put out a lot of similar tracks. Back then, it was something original and fresh to listen to. That in itself shows how much EDM has evolved in recent years.

As for the release of the track, not much is known. Dannic himself hasn’t confirmed or denied anything regarding the initial release. There is not much to say but to hope that one day we might see the track in a more refreshed edition so it can fit the standards of today. Us Revealed Recordings fans will especially keep an eye out if some new information surfaces anywhere in the future.

Written by: @delacour_agency / @daniel.sikljan

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